Staff Testimonials

Having worked with McLachlan Lister over the past three years, I have found it to be both a rewarding and supportive organisation focussed on delivering quality services to clients throughout all facets of industry. Involvement with a company which values the diverse experience and expertise of its employees has led to a significant level of personal and career growth for me, allowing me to become a more well-rounded Managing Consultant. McLachlan Lister has also supported me on many different occasions through additional training, personal development opportunities and the ability to travel the world knowing that I could return to work on some of the most interesting and challenging projects in the Southern Hemisphere. – Eoin Connolly

My time at McLachlan Lister was great, with a large friendly team, no office politics and a pleasant CBD environment. The directors listened to my input and there was always an opportunity to learn. – Justin Ibrahim

McLachlan Lister is a great environment if you are interested in growing and being challenged. I have been thrown into the deep end a number of times, and have as a result learned an enormous amount in my time here. The Board is terrific – they are absolutely open to letting you set your own course if you have specific interests you want to pursue. – Mary Casey

Working for McLachlan Lister was one of the best experiences of my life and the best move for my career. The opportunity to move overseas and work in a thriving economy on some of the most iconic projects is extremely valuable and rare. I was able to learn so much about the business in a short period of time. McLachlan Lister truly values hard work and talent which presented me with great challenges and rewards. It afforded me the opportunity to rapidly accelerate my career by taking on more critical roles and larger responsibilities than I could have done anywhere else. Their culture and philosophy of constantly learning, being challenged, thinking laterally, and enjoying what you do greatly encourages and enables great career growth and a healthy life balance. – Brendan Sarsfield

I was employed at McLachlan Lister for more than 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed my time there professionally and personally. I was provided varied opportunities to develop my skills. I also had breadth of management support as well as ongoing training. I would not hesitate to recommend McLachlan Lister as an employer. – Natalie Lowe