Portfolio, Program & Project Management Standards

Program/Project Control Systems

Resource, Scheduling & Cost Optimisation

Program & Project Methodology

Project & Program Health Check/Audit

Performance Management

Dispute Avoidance

Procurement & Transaction Management

Contract Management

Bid Management


Claims Evaluation

Quantum Analysis

Expert Testimony

Disruption & Delay Analysis

Issue Analysis

Independent Project Audit

Operating Model

Maturity Assessment

Organisation Transformation

Operational Readiness

Portfolio & Program Strategy

Benefits Realisation

Business Process Reform

Portfolio, Program & Project Planning

Information Systems


Contract Administration

Independent Certifier

Construction Superintendent

Development Management

Environment Sustainability

Project Management

Governance & Assurance


Project Systems and Controls

Systems and Controls have to be right from the start; they are your key feedback and diagnostic tools for a project, program or organization. Ensuring you get the best fit to your project, with full coverage of all the key components, is essential to establishing a system that you will actually use, and reap the benefits from its outputs. McLachlan Lister is a pioneer in project management techniques, employing best practice systems and controls to support innovative processes and outcomes. We can assist in reviews of current operations and methodologies, as well as advise on the development and setup of new ones. Case Studies

Dispute Resolution

Even the most carefully planned construction project can encounter claims. How those claims are handled can make a difference in the success of the project. Hill's expert approach to dispute resolution is broad-based and relies on the breadth and depth of industry expertise within our team. This diversity of skill is essential in analysing the often complex causation and damage components of a claim. We break a claim down event by event and issue by issue, such that clear and concise conclusions are reached to facilitate resolution of disputes. In the event expert testimony is required, our thorough understanding of complex issues enables us to present our independent professional opinion clearly and concisely to our clients, courts, tribunals and other dispute resolution forums. Australian Case Studies

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Capability Review and Strategy

A highly efficient and effective portfolio, program and project management framework can help asset intensive businesses to realise significant benefits. Organisations can benefit from the international experience and intellectual property developed by McLachlan Lister to quickly design and build this capability, including: organisational and workforce transformation; portfolio and program strategy; governance; and management standards, processes and associated systems. The work is always tailored to the current status and business objectives of each client, but normally follows a process of ‘as is’ discovery, maturity assessment, ‘to be’ requirements, change plan, design, build, transition, and continuous improvement. Case Studies

Project Delivery

McLachlan Lister has been providing program and project management services for decades. We excel on logistically or technically complicated projects, or those with difficult timelines or budgets. Combining strategic vision with excellent project management credentials has allowed us to play a leading role on a wide range of projects, across virtually every sector of building type. This diverse capability allows us to help our clients from the earliest stages of feasibility, through to handover and operations. Our key clients in this service area large and small private corporations, not-for-profits and government agencies. Case Studies